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Huguenot Day

We welcomed over 450 visitors to The French Hospital on 15 September as part of Huguenot Day. The event was a great opportunity for us to encourage members of the public to learn more about Huguenots. Visitors had the opportunity to see our main building, tour one of our unique flats, and visit the private Huguenots’ Garden. They also had the opportunity to meet representatives from the Huguenot Society and the Huguenots of Spitalfields.

Visitors learned about the fascinating Huguenot family history of two of our Residents, along with the stories of Extraordinary Huguenot Women, both past and present. Visitors were able to read about the fascinating lives of Emma, Lady Monson, Charlie de Wet, Dr Tessa Murdoch, Jane Franklin, Anne Tanqueray, Harriet Martineau and Evelyn Jaulmes.

We encouraged members of the public to share their Huguenot family histories on special cards, so that the Huguenot Museum might contact them in future. We also featured two map activities that encouraged all visitors to mark where their families migrated from on maps of both the world and the UK. Residents spoke about their fascinating Huguenot family histories in the Common Room.

An impressive £424.35 was raised from the wide array of homemade refreshments in the Common Room, with the proceeds supporting Residents’ activities and outings. After visiting The French Hospital, many visitors popped over to the Huguenot Museum to take part in their Huguenot Day activities.

The French Hospital will be taking part in Heritage Open Day again on 14 September 2019 – we hope you can join us!


Pete Dowds, Elder